How to Choose the Right Suit According to Experts

Let’s face facts – a man can put on the best outfit there is, but nothing will make him look more attractive and handsome like a quality, well-tailored suit that fits him like a glove.

When  wearing a suit, you’re perceived as more powerful, competent, trustworthy and confident, and beyond perception, when you’re in a great suit the external becomes internalised and you actually feel more confident and persuasive. Needless to say, these traits, and perceptions of these traits, are vital for success whether in the professional or romantic field. You want your clients to respect and admire you – dress the part, you want to sweep someone off their feet – dress the part. Now, there are many different types of suits out there, which means that there are the right and the wrong choices to be made. In order to make sure you choose the one that’s just right, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of advices from experts in the fashion world, and if you follow the advice to the letter, there is no chance you’ll make a choice that is nothing short of perfection.


Things to consider

When shopping for your best suit yet (or perhaps your very first suit), before you go on the hunt, there are numerous things to consider. The first is the color and possibly even a pattern. If your job requires you wear a suit, you can never go wrong with navy. If not, and if you need a great suit for weddings and special occasions, light grey works in both summer and winter. Now, speaking of which, the climate conditions play a huge role in what type of fabric you’ll go for. Linen, wool and cotton are the best fabric choices if you live in a land of perpetual sun, and if your place of habitat is generally a chillier one, flannel, cashmere and vicuna are your definite go-tos. Patterns – checkered and stripes come and go out of style, so it’s better to stick with timeless non-patterned hues that you can wear forever, and never look outdated.


A matter of taste

When it comes to choosing the right blazer, there are two roads ahead of you – single and double-breasted. The former one is more conservative and at the moment trendier, but there is something about the latter that makes you look not only more handsome but actually slimmer.


Off-the-rack or custom?

This is a no brainer – always go with custom. The chances of you looking absolutely perfect and everything being just the right height, width and cut are slim, so when investing in a suit, invest wisely. For instance, here in Australia one can find an amazing custom men’s suit in Sydney, more specifically speaking at such brands like Joe Button which not only offers a great variety of styles but also gives you the option of customising every little detail, down to the color of the lining.


Vital information

Now, even when you do go for a custom suit and the tailor does most of the work for you, there is a certain level of knowledge you must arm yourself with so you can give your tailor the right pointers. Proportions are a better word than fit, so let’s talk proportions first. The first sign you’re in the right suit is, when you’re sitting down you don’t feel constricted, and you don’t feel the need to unbutton it. It should follow your figure without being tight when you are in any other position but standing. The shoulder width should be perfect and that means the following: wide enough for you to be comfortable and move without feeling like something is ‘tugging’ you back. As for the sleeves, they should fall without breaking across the upper sleeve, but also not too wide as to swallow you and make your hands look shorter or even your head smaller. Finally, the sleeve must be such that it shows 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of a shirt sleeve and be tapered enough to not bellow around the shirt cuff. As for the length of the jacket, it is paramount that it’s long enough to cover your backside. It’s not only a matter of etiquette but also of proportions, as anything shorter visually shortens the torso as well.


Let’s talk pants

Although many men are going for the trendy option – slim fit and low-rise pants, this trend is fleeting and you should definitely stick to a more classic cut. We’re not saying you should go with the ‘old man super wide-leg pants that go up to the bellybutton’, but there’s really no point in wearing something that looks like it will tear at the seams as soon as you try to sit. The ideal waist height should be at your natural waist. As for the width, the pants should be wide enough – particularly at the hips for the pockets to lay flat as opposed to sticking out. Finally, we are at the perfect length. You want to look slim, and of course tall, which makes the right length crucial in your suit selection. The different types of pant breaks and lengths perfectly and concisely, so pay attention to your body type, and then follow your personal preference while always keeping the importance of proportions in mind.


Getting it just right is not an easy feat, but the ‘trouble’ is more than worth it, because once you reach the finish line, not only will you own a suit you can wear for decades, but perhaps even proudly pass down to your son someday.


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