Battle of Footwear: Sport Shoes vs Classy Shoes

Battle of Footwear: Sport Shoes vs Classy Shoes


You know when you watch those lifestyle vlogs on YouTube or scroll through an influencer’s Instagram page and they start showing their shoe collection, and all the while you’re thinking: man, does this person really need all this footwear? The answer is, quite simply, yes.

Okay, maybe you don’t need five models of the same type of shoe, but you do need to have the proper shoe type to fit every occasion. After all, your footwear just might mean the difference between taking your date up for a cup of late-night coffee, and chilling with Netflix all on your own ‘till two in the morning. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of sports shoes and classy shoes, and what you should be looking for when shopping for both.

Sport shoes: performance and daily comfort

While the majority of career-driven and goal-oriented men focus on finding the perfect dress shoe to go with their pinstripe power suit, they tend to neglect and even completely forget about the importance of casual footwear. Until, that is, a life-changing game of golf comes up and you they have nothing to wear but their wingtips that are so not fit for the occasion.

The key takeaway here is that a real man should never refrain from certain types of shoes, but should rather aim to enrich his arsenal with a model to fit every occasion, from a casual BBQ party with friends to a vigorous workout in the gym. And speaking of, different types of workouts require different types of reliable gym shoes that will ensure safety, mobility, and unimpeded performance throughout.

The best part is that casual sports shoes can serve many a purpose depending on the event. For instance, if you’re building an outfit for a summer’s night out with friends, it might seem a bit over the top to wear your nice pair of dress shoes, seeing as how you’re looking for a perfect blend of sophisticated yet down to earth.

In that case, you can complement a polo shirt and a stylish pair of shorts with elegant sports shoes you keep for occasions just like this. Remember, though, there are sports shoes you want to take to the gym, and there are ones that need to be kept in mint condition as an accessory to a casual outfit.

Classy shoes: elegance and style for every occasion

Dress shoes come in many variations, and depending on a number of factors such as the weather, setting, attendance, and more, some models will serve better than others. First off, a man’s wardrobe cannot be complete without a unique pair of wingtips to wear to the finest of events, but it should also boast Oxfords in several colors for everyday dressed-up occasions.

Next up, your summer essential should definitely be the Loafer, preferably an Italian design, boasting a vivid black or copper finish so that you can match depending on the outfit. For instance, brown loafers work wonderfully with just about every hue: from denim to green, from grey to khaki. On the other hand, black loafers are amazing at accentuating an elegant, dark look, but still giving you room to breathe during those incessantly hot summer days.

Lastly, when the season is right, you can nail that one look every man strives to achieve and every woman (and man, for that matter) can’t resist: the dress boot combination. Dress boots are manly, they make a statement, and they accentuate a debonair personality everyone around you is bound to notice. Suffice to say, a good pair of dress boots can set you apart from the herd on every occasion, whether you’re at a networking event, a nightclub, or the at the bar wooing your next romantic conquest.

To sum up

If you’re contemplating whether you should get a pair of classy shoes or a pair of sports shoes, the answer will always be Yes. There is no one way or the other; a real man needs variety in his life, especially when it comes to footwear, as every occasion in life requires a different approach. With that in mind, go ahead and build yourself a comprehensive wardrobe boasting the finest selection from both worlds.

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