Family & friends , the life beyond social media

I’ve been thinking for a long time if I should write this blog post or if I leave it, will you be interested or not ?!

After I mentioned in my story that my family and friends are very close to my heart and that your feedback was phenomenal, I decided to write it. Alright just to give you some more praise from me.

As most of you know, social media is now playing a crucial role in my life, which is hard to deny. I started blogging on my own blog Mans-View last year and I’m more than satisfied with your feedback.

Add to this the steadily growing interest in my Instagram account, which I lead now for more than 4 years with a lot of passion for menswear. In the whole trouble, one or the other wonders if there is any time for the really important things in life like family, friends and ultimately the partner.

For that I can only say one thing and that clearly: “YES” because no matter how little time you have in life, if something really really important to you, then you will find time for it.


Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly aware of how important my family is to me, my mother, my father, my grandmother, my two brothers, including my brother’s wife and not forgetting my brother’s two children. It’s so precious something so great to have such a strong family behind in good and bad times.

I’ve been recently addressed if there are still things that make me happy with all the packages that reaches me . I must admit that there are no material things that could make me happy, on the one hand, this is a pity, on the other hand, one recognizes the real values ​​over time.

Because when I see my brother’s daughter stretch out her arms and smile at me totally unbiased to be taken by my arm, then I know that I can / do not want to replace with any material good in this world this moment of happiness.

Another incredibly important part of my life is my circle of friends,
I am incredibly proud of being able to call my friends an unusually large circle of friends at my age. In spite of Instagram / blog / study I make compromises and take time to do something with friends even if It is only one or two hours in which you can eat without looking at the phone and just talking intensively and / or laughing. It does not matter to my circle of friends how to dress or what you wear for a perfume, but Rather, one appreciates appreciating the other as he is.

I’ve had to overcome many hurdles in my life and one thing I can say with 100% certainty, without my family and my friends I would not be where I am now.


There are people who demand so little, some even nothing. And these people deserve everything.


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  1. I very much agree with you!! Nothing material matters in this life, we come naked and we leave equally … only the Love that we take is what makes us happy along the way. Appreciating family, friends and a couple is what really makes us fills our lives .That you keep enjoying it for a long time because we do not know what we have until we lose it,I tell you from experience and good luck with all

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